Intentional Stewardship

Intentional Stewardship


Intentional Stewardship

Define and develop a plan that will appropriately reallocate resources throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis that will be supported by structures at the diocesan, parish, school, and agency levels to ensure long-term viability and vibrancy of the Catholic presence.

  • Equip the Archdiocesan Pastoral Councilto be a key consultative body for planning

  • Gather input from the faithful and clergy of the local area, which addresses key mission needs and new or existing opportunities by considering the number of parishes and current missionary outreach.

  • Assess the current priestly availability and future projections for active priests and acknowledge the new necessity and sustainability of our priestly presence in each area.

  • Propose models which best use diocesan and parochial resources to be allocated to meet the needs of the Archdiocese to meet its evangelization vision into the next century.

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